The Artists

Christopher Theofanidis’ music has been performed by many of the world’s leading performing arts organizations, from the London Symphony and New York Philharmonic to San Francisco Opera and the American Ballet Theatre. He is a two time Grammy nominee, and his Rainbow Body is one of the most performed works of the new millennium. Mr. Theofanidis serves on faculty at Yale University and the Aspen Music Festival.

InterviewKUHF 88.7 pre-performance broadcast: interview with composer Christopher Theofanidis and librettist Leah Lax



Leah Lax has won a number of awards for her fiction and nonfiction, but she specializes in bringing words and experiences of real people to the public forum. Her work has been featured by Houston Grand Opera and by the Houston Symphony and she has worked with some fine American composers, particularly with Christopher Theofanidis on The Refuge, with Lori Laitman on an opera based on Leah’s memoir, Uncovered, and with Mark Buller on Overboard.